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Portable Digital Ultrasound Machine w/ 4 ProbesSold by FMT Store (Retailer) ✓

Portable Digital Ultrasound Machine w/ 4 ProbesSold by FMT Store (Retailer) ✓

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1.Monitor: 12.1 inch LED monitor(1024*768)
2.Image model:B,B+B,4B,B+M
3.Windows 10 Operation system
4.Memory disk:32GB SSD
5.E-Focus:No.of Focus, Focus distance ,Adjusted focus position 6.Local zoom:2 times both in real-time and frozen
7.Probe connector:1
8.Probe selectable: convex, linear, microconvex, transvaginal,
9.Interface: 2USB port,1 LAN port,1 HDMI OUT port AQ sonic: Reduce random noise E Crystal: Adaptive speckle suppression improves contrast resolution

What's in the box

Ultrasound machine with the following probes:

Convex Probes: R=60 2-5MHz
Linear Probes: L=40 5-12MHz
Microconvex: R=20 2-4MHz
Transvaginal: R=10 5-8MHz


  • Minimum Order1 Units
  • Weight25 Kg
  • BrandRicso
  • CategoryImaging and Diagnostics
  • Sub CategoryUltrasound
  • Country of ProductionChina
  • Training and InstallationNo
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